Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fix #22 - April 26, 2017

My spring time fix arrived today! The day after I got back from vacay. It was a nice thing to have it waiting for me after I just spent a ton shopping on my trip. LOL. However, I only get a box every quarter, so I was ready to shop more, if necessary, to get me some cute Stitch Fix items.

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For my spring fix I asked for some less form-fitting styles. I do like to emphasize my waist, but not so much that every bulge can be seen and examined by passersby on the street. A little more flowy and less tight would be welcome. I also asked for bright colors and patterns, maybe a cardigan/jacket and whatever else she might like to send me. I think I was pretty open to whatever hit my stylist's fancy.

I had also recently updated my Stitch Fix Pinterest board with some Stitch Fix spring items, so I let my stylist know it had been updated in the last few weeks.

I got my box this morning. It was much, much thinner than I'm used to getting:
Not sure if that was due to the stuff inside (light, thin springtime goodness) or a change on Stitch Fix's part to save on shipping...some of my boxes have had a lot of extra space in them. But I didn't mind when I took out the stack of pretty clothes!!!!!!!

Ooooooooooh! Love it all!!!!! Had a good feeling about this box. I hung up each item as I always do and got ready to (repeat after me) TRY EVERYTHING ON!

This is the rule of Stitch Fix. No matter how much you dislike something on the hanger in style, cut or color, you MUST try it on to judge adequately if the item is not for you. Many, many times I have been pleasantly surprised by clothing items I never would've picked to try on if I judged by hanger appearance.

Trust me. The Stitch Fix Rule works. Do it!

1) I first tried on the Kate Boyfriend Jean by Kut From The Kloth for $88
They were a rolled-style jean that looked like they hit at my lower calf. The holy grail I'd been seeking for 2 years: CAPRI LENGTH PANTS! Would they work? This brand has worked miracles for me in the past. I have 3 or 4 other pairs of pants purchased through Stitch Fix from this same designer.

They fit GREAT! They were a lower-waisted jean, but fit me very well everywhere - including the hard-to-fit parts. They were flattering, stylish and, best of all, perfect for the long, slow, cool springs we have in my neck of the woods. Although I would not call them 'capri' they were several inches above my ankle and really fit with the new styles I've seen out and about...updated ye olde wardrobe! A mom-jeans lady I will not be!

A big old KEEP for these babies!

2) The next item was the Paybian Contrast V-Neck Knit Tee by Leo & Nicole for $44.

It looked cool and casual. Free flowing, but not billowy. V-necks are good for me. I hoped it would flatter the figure rather than make me look like a balloon. I could envision pairing this with a navy cardigan I have, as well as a pair of white shorts in the summer. Time for the try-on moment! Would it work???

(FYI: You can see in the background my suitcase from my trip!)

This top turned about to be really really cute once I got it on. I'd liked it on the hanger, but liked it even better once I put it on. Really flattering. Really comfortable - a softer cotton stretch blend. Could think of many ways to wear this. Most definitely a KEEP!

So far, so good. Wasn't so sure about the next one, though...

3) The next item was the Salden Lattice Detail Blouse by Daniel Rainn for $64.

It looked a little sad there on the hanger. It also was made with a lighter, breezier fabric than the previous top. I was concerned about looking wide and shapeless based on my figure type. But the print was really interesting, as well as the lace detail. I liked the slash neckline (I think that is what you call it), plus the interesting back (you can see the cut in the pic above). I knew my rule was 'try everything on' even if I looked like a pregnant I swallowed my fears and put it on.
 (Say hi to my dog, Charlie, who showed up for a candid shot!)
It turned out to be super duper adorable! Looser and lighter than the other top, but the cut and the details really gave it a flattering look. I also discovered it looked great with several cardigans I had in my closet to include a red one, a mustard one, and the aforementioned navy one. I seriously could not believe it looked this good. I thought it was going to be a blob blouse. But I should've trusted my stylist! She knows all!!!!!!!!


4) We were now approaching box happiness. Whenever I get to 3 out of 5 keeps in a box, I start to dream big. How many more items would I like? I hung up the Nickie Marled Cardigan by 41Hawthorn for $48.

Of course I'm always a bit sad when I receive something gray or black. Not sure why. Maybe because I have always had way too much gray and black in my wardrobe. However, this was an interesting print and a nice thin weave for spring. With some of my more colorful spring/summer tops, this would be a handy thing to have.

Time for a try-on!
I grabbed a gray tank top I had and put on the cardigan. Three-quarter length sleeves, light, cute and flattering. So comfy, so cute, so 'neutral' that I had to have it. KEEP!

Ok, ladies and gentlemen (although it's likely mostly ladies), we are now on the verge of a 5 out of 5 Keeper Box. A rarity. I think I have only had 1 or maybe 2 in all 21 of my previous fixes. I tentatively reached for the next item...

5) The Colbie Knit Dress by Gilli for $68 was the next to try on.
This felt like a polyester fabric to me, so the 'knit' description was a little bit deceiving. I wouldn't have described it that way. But what do I know about design and fabrics? Not much! Slick, smooth and cool. Probably medium-weight. The shape of this dress worried me. It looked like it would fit better on a straighter figure. A close-up of the pattern is below:

It's prettier close up, yes?

I tried it on. I was hoping it would fit okay for this would be my 5 out of 5 moment. Something to remember!
Okay, this picture makes it look alright. I can see the potential. However, if you look more closely near the top of the bustline, you will see a problem...a severe wrinkle, a gathering of fabric that pulls across the chest. Look closely also at my bent elbow. See anything strange?
Arm strangle! We have arm strangle. Blood to my upper arm is being cut off by too-tight fabric. Alert, people, alert! Immediate removal of dress is required for correct blood flow!!!!

What a horrible shame. Even looking at the arm strangulation picture, the rest of the dress is really quite flattering. My upper body (chest and 40-plus-year-old arms) could not take it! Perhaps on a younger figure, this would work. Not so much for mine.

This would be a RETURN.

However, we all know the trick with Stitch Fix. If you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount. Hm.

I picked up my receipt to calculate the numbers. With the 25% discount, I would save $78. The dress was $68. I actually saved money keeping the dress. So, I have decided to keep the whole box, perhaps find a buyer for the dress or a friend I can give it to. Or, if you are around 5'9" or 5'10" and in the 'large' dress size range, leave a comment, and I'll get in touch with you. Willing to sell for half the cost, plus shipping! ;-)

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  1. What a great box! I love all the items; I am bummed about the issues with the dress because it does look really cute. Like you, I find it hard to find capris that fit well/look good. I have the additional struggle of being short ... both tops look wonderful on you, as does the sweater thingy. Loved these!!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Susan! I actually had forgotten that Stitch Fix now allows you to exchange items. When I checked out this morning, I decided to try for the dress in a larger size (if I was going to keep it anyway), but to no avail! They only had smaller sizes available. But that might've worked. Sigh. Still looking for a buyer.