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Fix #9 from Stitch Fix - December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas, everyone! Thanks for joining me again for another review of my Stitch Fix haul. If you have never visited my blog before, I have been doing monthly Stitch Fix reviews since May of this year. Please feel free to check out my other reviews:

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Fix #1 gives you all the information about the Stitch Fix service, so I won't reiterate here.

I had purposefully returned my November Stitch Fix box as late as possible in order to receive my December box near Christmas. I was hoping for a Stitch Fix gift card (or two) from family members, because I surely did not want to be spending a ton of dough on myself right around the holidays.

Stitch Fix delivered my box to me on December 19th (a Friday). It looked like I would have to checkout on Christmas Eve...before any gift cards could be given! However, I should've known better. Stitch Fix is smart. They knew I was not the only person in this position. I found out on Monday (December 22nd) that I would have until AFTER Christmas to decide what would be kept and what would be returned.


So, let's get to the unboxing, shall we?

The best part is the anticipation. I love opening the box and seeing the neatly wrapped bundle waiting for me inside!

I had a good mix of stuff in this box. I had asked for all sweaters and long-sleeved tops along with a purse to replace mine. It was clear to me that a purse had been included with this fix (yay!)

This is the best pic of the bunch and it's still blurry...sorry about that! The top item is the purse (burgundy).

Then I got to the fun part: trying everything on! No peeking at prices is my motto. All must be tried on and evaluated without an idea of cost. Here we go!

1) The first item I tried on was the Phylis Cut out Detail Sweater by Renee C for $68. The basic hanger photo did not give the detail that makes this sweater special, so I took a close-up of the cut-outs. So cute!

It is a gray-and-black striped sweater with oval cut outs all over the body of the sweater and in two rows on the sleeves. Cute, cute, cute!  I couldn't wait to try it on.

The cut-outs on the body show through to a second layer of black sweater underneath. The cut-outs on the sleeves do not have the extra layer of sweater, so your skin shows through. It also had an interesting neckline that is not visible in these two photos.

The only thing I was truly concerned about with this sweater was the length. It appeared a little short for 40-something me. So I threw it on with a pair of jeans.

Um, so totally adorable! I loved, loved, loved the cut-outs in the sleeves. And in the pic you can see the neckline (and a pile of Christmas presents!). There is a finished edge that is cut out in the front, so it looks a little modern and edgy. The shape of the sweater is slightly looser and boxier than I like, but the sleeves were so awesome and the style so unique, I didn't mind the looser fit. In fact, it hit just at my waistline, so it didn't expose anything I didn't want to show. With a tank top, everything stays covered up.

In fact, I was so confident in this sweater, I wore it to church with my Margaret M skirt! (flashback picture below)

This was a KEEPER!

2) The next item I tried on was the Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt by Loveappella for $64.00. I liked the blue-and-white fabric. It reminded me of those pullovers you get in Mexico, only softer.

The collar was attractive to me because of the cold winters. I don't like turtle-necks, but this type of collar looked cozy and comfortable. I also liked that this was a super casual top that I could use on weekends or even as a quick cover up on the boat in the summer.

The fabric was not super thick, so it had multiple-season uses, IMHO. Plus, I knew I could layer under it easily for more warmth in the colder months.

I tried this one on...

I loved it right away. It was soft and comfortable. Long and flattering. I had no idea I wanted a top like this. Never would've picked it off the rack. But I am certain this will get a lot of wear. KEEPER!

3) The next thing I tried on was the Rizzo Pull-On Skinny Ponte Pant by Liverpool for $98. I was surprised to see a pair of pants in my box. I specifically told Sari, my awesome stylist, that I didn't need anymore pants right now. But I tell ya, those Stitch Fix people know what you want better than you do!

This picture is really pretty blah. The pants are so much better looking than this implies. They are made of a super thick stretch fabric with a thick waist band and no zipper or snap. Sort of like a jegging. The pants have back pockets like a pair of jeans, but the front pockets are 'fake' and just a design details as shown in the close-up picture on the right.

I knew I was in trouble when I pulled these out of the box because I loved them. I knew they would fit well just by looking at them. I couldn't wait to get them on!

Okay, even more terrible photos that don't show how great these fit or how cute they are. They are AWESOME. Very flattering. Extremely comfortable. I could sit in any position on my couch, and it was as if I was wearing a pair of sweatpants. But yet I looked well dressed and put-together. Even though I have a pair of dark grey jeans, a pair of black jeans, a nice pair of black slacks for work...I knew I needed these pants! Thinking I may need to retire something from my wardrobe to make room for these. KEEPER!

4) The next item was the Henry Birds on Branch Infinity Scarf by Octavia for $28.00. I think I have already spoken of my love for infinity scarves. I cannot get enough of them. In fact, I got so many at Christmas (thank you, husband!), I need to figure out a better way to store them all.

I loved the colors and the design on this scarf. It was a lighter material than the last scarf I got from Stitch Fix, which I appreciated. That means I will be able to use this scarf in different seasons.

I threw it on with a sweater I happened to be wearing (no, I was not intending to wear these two items together). I loved it. In fact, I knew I would keep it when I pulled it out of the box...the 'trying on' really was not necessary. KEEPER!

At this stage in the game, I was so excited to see that this was becoming another potential 5 out of 5 box!  Already I wanted 4 items from this box. Could I also love the 5th item??? Let's find out.

5) The last item in the box was the Juno Small Folded Clutch by Street Level for $38.00. Let me first tell you that I am not a purse/bag person. I buy ONE small black purse every few years from Wal-Mart or Target for about $15 and then use it until it dies. My current purse was on its last legs, so I knew I'd need to find a new one. Why not let Stitch Fix find one for me?

I didn't get one in my last fix, even though I'd requested it, so I added it to my request for my December box, hoping my stylist would come through for me. I asked for something small and in a neutral color. I'm not one for crazy purses. I just need something that can pretty much go with any outfit.

I have to say, I was not 100% thrilled with what I received. Although I loved the interior of the clutch with its multiple pockets, I did not love the clutch style nor the bold gold chain strap that could be removed. A little flashy for an everyday purse. It also was too small for my needs. I did like the maroon leather, however. The color was not what I would've chosen, but it was definitely neutral enough that I could've used it as an everyday purse.

I knew that if this were not a 4 out of 5 box there was no way I would keep this item. I was not in love with it, it would not be able to replace my current purse, and the gold chain didn't say 'casual.' I was bummed. I did 'try it on' to see if I'd like it better or see a use for it with an outfit.

 It had some cuteness to it. But just not for me. If this had been a less awesome box, it would've been a RETURN for sure.

But here is where things went in a different direction. Before I even opened the receipt, I thought, "Do you really love the infinity scarf? You asked for some for Christmas, would another scarf be overkill? Maybe this is really only a 3 out of 5 box."

I decided that I would keep the two tops and the pants, which were total loves, and return the scarf and the purse.
Then, I opened the receipt.

Oh, clever Stitch Fix. The Merchandise Total for all items was $296.00. But if I kept all 5 items and subtracted my $20 styling fee, the total would be $207. In other words, I would save $69 for keeping all 5 items...this meant that if I ONLY kept the two tops and the pants, I would pay $230. But if I kept all 5 items, I would pay $23 LESS (in essence the scarf and the purse would be FREE). Guess what I decided to do?

I kept all 5 items! 

The purse was truly the only item I didn't love. But oddly enough, I ended up using it on Christmas Eve. I got dressed up for church and realized that my new maroon clutch definitely went better with my fancy dress than my $15 Wal-mart purse. So it looks like I now have a bag for those times I need to get more dressed up. Not bad.

The best part of this story is that on Christmas my husband gave me a $100 Stitch Fix gift card! (Thanks, baby) Which means I only had to cough up half the tab on my own.

I am looking forward to continuing on with Stitch Fix into 2015. This service has really been everything I was hoping for and more.

If you haven't yet signed up for Stitch Fix, would you consider using my code below? I will receive a $25 credit after you make your first order. I would be really grateful. If not, please continue to visit my blog every month for my latest Stitch Fix review!

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Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. See you in 2015!

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