Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fix #12 from Stitch Fix - March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day! And welcome to another Stitch Fix review. This will be my 12th review...so I've now been a Stitch Fix customer for a whole year. Hard to believe. I fondly recall reading an article online about Stitch Fix and being entranced with the idea of a stylist selecting clothing for me at the reasonable price of $20.

One year later, my closet is bursting with Stitch Fix goodness. I wear my items multiple times a week, and almost all of them are favorite wardrobe pieces. Let's total up what I've accumulated in the last year, shall we?

BAGS - 1


Wow. That was actually a very interesting tally for me to do. I had no idea how much new stuff I'd added to my tired closet in the last year.

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All righty. Let's get to that review, shall we?

This month I'd asked my stylist for a blush colored top to go with my two pairs of magnificent red jeans. I also mentioned a fun skirt for spring that was not too fitted and possibly giving a necklace another whirl. I really wanted a fun statement piece and have seen some cute things in other people's fixes. My January box was a bust for jewelry, but I was willing to try again. The rest I left up to my stylist. She always does a bang up job of sending me stuff I didn't even know I wanted or needed.
Looks like she sent me another piece of jewelry. Fingers crossed this one's a winner!

Then, I laid everything out on the bed and took a pic.
Ooh!  Some nifty colors and patterns in here. Then I took a few more pictures to give you a better idea of everything.
 Cool stuff, huh? I received: a purse, a necklace, a maxi skirt, a short-sleeved blouse and a sweater. Nifty. I am pleased with the fun selection of stuff.

Now we get to the hang up and try-on stage. As most of you know, my rule is to NOT look at the receipt until I'm done trying everything on. I do not want to judge an item before I actually try it on and see what it looks like.

Here we go!!!!

1) The first item I hung up was the Remmie Maxi Skirt by Papermoon for $58. I noted right away that I had several items in my closet I could wear this with. In fact, I took it over to my closet and held it up to some things I thought could work.

The material was very light and stretchy, but not see-through. The waistband seemed very forgiving, which was important to me due to my 'lumps and bumps' that most of us 40-somethings find ourselves worrying about. I tossed on my black t-shirt (a staple for my Stitch Fix try-on sessions) to see how it would work for me.
 Here's a front view and a side view. It is really hard for me to take good pictures of lower-half clothing like pants and full-length skirts! However, you can see the length is perfect. And I do think it looks more flattering in person than in the photos. I think it looked great with the black tee, so I knew it could also be worn with many other black items in my wardrobe, plus other pieces.

I took some fun pictures of the stretchability of this skirt. Unfortunately, they all turned out blurry! Let's just say I could do pretty much anything in this skirt without problems, it is THAT stretchy. Sweet! Never know when I might need that kind of mobility. KEEP!

2) The next item I tried was the Emanuel Split Neck Blouse by Daniel Rainn for $74.00. This was a lovely sheer blouse that came with an attached camisole.
I included 2 photos here so you could see up close how pretty this blouse is. I loved it when I got it up on the hanger. Although it is a little early here to be wearing such sheer blouses, I have an update to my Stitch Fix situation (I'll elaborate later in the post) so I was okay with buying something more summery at this point. Let's try 'er on!

Can I say adorable? And pretty? And feminine?

Check it from the side, people. Oh yeah! Looking good with my red jeans. Slam dunk YES!

3) All right. After all that excitement, let's bring it down. Turn down the lights. Imagine it's Friday night and you need a nice clutch for your 3rd date with that nice guy from Match.com. I would highly recommend the Adelade Woven Fold-Over Clutch by Urban Expressions for $48.00.
It's cute and strappy. The folded edge attaches magically with hidden magnets. The weave is pretty sweet, too. And you can fit everything in there you might need on your date: ID, money for cab fare, lipstick, your phone. You know, the necessities.
Then, wham, you open it up and you have this rockin' lining with a zippered pocket inside. I mean, really, it's adorable. However, I don't need a clutch. I ended up with a clutch last year that I wasn't all that excited about, but kept it due to the Magic Rule of Five (keep all five items in your box and get a 25% discount).

Sadly, I didn't need this. Sorry, clutch, you're going back. NO.

4) My last item of clothing in the box was the Melita Pull-Over Cable Knit Sweater by Brixon Ivy (Get it? Bricks and ivy? LOL. Very clever, designer.) for $68.00. I was pretty okay with getting a sweater, because the weather here still permits it for another month or so.
On the hanger, it looked kinda cute. A little bulky, but cute. It had this weird bottom edge, that you can't quite see in the picture. That concerned me a bit. But, hey, try that sucker on!
 Hm. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. A little dowdy. A little bumpity. And that strange bottom edge was doing my hips no favors. It was almost like it was yelling at people to check out my wideness. The neckline was also a little sad. Droopy and depressed somehow.
The side view was better. I think because you don't see the weird break in the bottom edge of the sweater (which happens in the front and back). I do think this was worse on me because of my height. On another, shorter woman, perhaps the bottom of the sweater would fall in a different spot. For me, it just drew emphasis to my lower half. Not flattering. Sorry, sweater, you are riding back home with the clutch. No.

5) The last item in my box was the Adrianna Circle Bib Necklace by Zad for $34.00. I really liked this one when I got it out of the box.
The metals were a mix of silver, gold and bronze. Really fun and shiny! I threw on a different top to show off the necklace.
I don't know if I would really wear it with this red sweater, but it was the first thing I grabbed out of my closet. Such a pretty necklace! The clasp worked well. The weight of it was nice. Definite KEEP!

So that is how it went this time around. Keeping 3 and sending 2 back. Not bad.

Here are the styling cards for the clothing items, by the way!

NEWS: I have had to reduce my Stitch Fix deliveries to quarterly from now on. I need to slow down my purchases and focus on my finances in 2015. So, you won't see as many reviews from me as you used to. However, I am still looking forward to writing more of these. They are just a ton of fun.

Please leave your thoughts about this month's box. I love hearing from you!

And, if you haven't tried out Stitch Fix yet, can I lure you in to use my referral code:


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  1. As always, I really enjoyed this! I agree, that sweater is kind of sad! I too love the necklace,and the sheer top and skirt. I've never tried a stretchy skirt like that, but they're so popular and I can see why. Looks so versatile/comfortable!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Susan! The sweater looked better on the hanger, which is how it goes sometimes. I am anxious to wear the pretty blouse, but the weather likely won't be warm enough until May. The stretchy skirt is awesome and will come in handy someday when I need to do superhero moves. ;-)