Monday, June 9, 2014

Fix #2 from Stitch Fix! - June 2014

It's June and time for my 2nd Stitch Fix Unboxing!!!!!!  This is probably my new favorite blog post. I was looking forward to my next Stitch Fix box after my first go-around in May. I'd kept 1 of 5 items, and had some regret about sending some of the more expensive pieces home. This time, I was even happier with what came in my box and almost considered keeping everything in it. Money did come into play, however, so I had to make choices based on my absolute favorites that would get the most use.

Let's check it out, shall we? This time, I will post a pic of me wearing one of the items. I had to do self-photography, so I edited out a lot of 'junk' that comes from selfies.

I'd asked my stylist to please, please, please send me more maxi skirts and maxi dresses. I only have one maxi skirt in my wardrobe and no dresses at all..which is a crime because I am tall (5'9"+) so maxis work well for me. So those were my main requests for this Stitch Fix, and I think my new stylist did such a fantastic job (Shay, you are awesome!) that I will ask for her to do my styling again.

The box arrived at 10 am this morning. Thank goodness I work from home. I opened it up with much anticipation. The envelope on top contains the style card and price sheet...I didn't want to spoil the surprise by looking at the style cards, so I broke the seal and opened up my Fix!

Then, I laid everything out on my bed to take in all the colors and prints. Squee!!!!! I was so happy to see a variety of prints in this fix. Last time, my stylist only sent me striped items. The colors were vibrant and right up my alley. I had received: 1 maxi dress, 1 maxi skirt, 1 knee-length skirt, 1 tank top, 1 tab sleeve top.

Let's discuss each item.

1. The first item I noticed was the maxi dress. It was by La Made - Perry Mix Striped Crossfront Racerback Maxi Dress. The cost is $118. I think I set my max for dresses around $125, because I want good quality dresses that I can rewear and that price point was okay with me. When I tried it on, I was in love. So flattering! It is blue striped with a heather brown background and has a side slit up a few inches above my knee. It also comes with a mini-slip piece underneath to keep the unmentionables from showing through the fabric. I appreciated the mini-slip after my last maxi dress from Stitch Fix, which was cute, but too see-through for me. The crossfront doesn't go too low, which is nice, and I feel like everything will stay where it is supposed to due to the construction of the dress. Loved it and know I will wear it a lot, so the price was cool with me. KEEP.

2. Next was the Haylee Abstract Chevron Print Swing Skirt by Leota. The cost is $78.00. When I first tried it on, I thought I might like it. However, the fabric was a little too clingy for me and some unflattering lumpiness was happening near the waist area. Not the skirt's fault. That was all me! But I thought maybe I could find things in my wardrobe to pair it with that might cover the problem areas. Unfortunately, I failed. The colors are bright pink, orange and an off-white. I have nothing off-white in my wardrobe, since pure white is more my shade. I did set it aside, though, just in case I liked everything else in my box, I might consider keeping it just because of the discount. MAYBE.

3. Next I tried on the Caroline Abstract Print Maxi Skirt by Tart. I will get to price at the end. I did not look at any prices when I was trying things on because I wanted to choose based on how much I liked an item before I rejected it. I knew what Stitch Fix regret felt like, and I didn't want to make hasty decisions. This skirt fit very well. It has a nice thick waistband and the length was perfect for me. I appreciated the interesting print and thought it had enough colors in it that I could find more than one top to pair it with. I loved the feel of it while walking around and could imagine wearing this all summer. However, there were 2 issues. The type of fabric meant clinginess to lumpy areas near the waist (much like the knee-length skirt). Repositioning the waistband only created further problems. If the waistband had been a little more forgiving, I think I would've loved it more. Also, the other was the price. Oh my goodness the price. This was the most expensive thing in the box at $128! After seeing the price, the skirt went from maybe to no. I think Stitch Fix can find me a maxi skirt that I will like better at a cheaper price. So sorry maxi skirt, you are going back. NO.

NOTE: Once the maxi skirt became a 'no,' I moved the swing skirt out of the 'maybe' into the 'no' pile as well. No discount; no point in keeping the skirt that I wasn't totally loving.

4. Next I grabbed the Breyson Split-Neck Tab-Sleeve Knit Top by 41Hawthorne. The cost is $48.00. I loved the color instantly...a super bright pink. This is a good shade for my coloring. I also liked that it had an adjustable sleeve could wear it long or use the button/tab to make it an elbow-length sleeve. I live in Idaho, so summer is short and late. I appreciate a shirt like this that looks summery, but is warmer than your typical summer wear. As you can see, I loved it and wore it straight out of the box! It has pleats down the middle in front and back. The material is a light weight rayon/spandex that falls very nicely. It is a bit looser around the middle than I like, but the bust and shoulders were so flattering, I did not mind that part at all. Also, the sleeves! The glorious sleeves!  As a tall person, I have a hard time finding truly long enough sleeves for my arms. This top has plenty of length, plus an inch extra which is fabulous. There are button closures at the sleeves, so that the extra fabric stays at my wrists. It has a blousy look to it, so I think I can dress it up for church with some nicer pants or dress it down with jeans. It would also look great paired with a pencil skirt or more form-fitting bottom of some kind. KEEP.

5. The final item in my box was the Brentwood Space Dye Tiered Tank by Pomelo. The price is $58. I also loved the color on this one...a robin's egg blue. The fabric also had some interest to it because of the paint brush style pattern. I don't have a lot of tanks for some dumb reason, so I was glad to see this in my box. The fit was great and it gave me some shape without being too fitted. It also was an interesting top because of the tiers that cut diagonally across. I knew I could pair this up with a lot of things in my existing wardrobe, and I thought the price was doable for a more-interesting-than-a-basic-tank style top. I can dress it down with some shorts or wear it with a skirt or nicer pants for a church / work look. Also, I can wear a bra under it without fear of showing. The arm holes were high enough and neckline worked. KEEP.

I also adore the little style cards that come with your Fixes. I tear mine into individual cards and keep them on my dresser for easy reference.  That makes it easy for me to get ideas for what to wear with my new pieces. An extra bit of fun for your $20 styling fee.

So out of my box of 5 items, I am keeping 3. I think that is a very good score for my 2nd Stitch Fix box! If you are interested in trying out the Stitch Fix service for yourself, you can use this link and I can get some credit:

Sign up for Stitch Fix!

Now the countdown begins for my July shipment!

UPDATE: Just wanted to share how much I am loving the Breyson Split-Neck Tab-Sleeve Knit Top by 41Hawthorne. I have had this top for about 3 weeks and have worn it 4 times. Love, love, love!  It is my favorite Stitch Fix item by far and probably a favorite in my wardrobe as a whole. I told my husband that it makes me feel like I am wearing pajamas. Something about the fabric and the fit, I think.


  1. Wow, lots of cute things in that fix! I got the Henley version of that maxi skirt in June and it was totally cute and totally went back. Way too pricey!

  2. Thanks, Kelley. I thought I got a lot of good stuff in that fix, so I requested the same stylist. I'll bet that was a very cute shirt in that pattern. 80% of that skirt was perfect. The price really sunk it, though. :-(

    I appreciate the comment!

  3. That maxi is cute, but I agree $128 is a bit much for it! I've been doing stitch fix for several months. I love it!


    1. Thanks for the comment, Lynn! I'll have to check out your blog.

  4. I just got my email...I checked it out and they may have sent me those pants you got with the funky pattern. I can't wait to see!

    1. Seriously, Lynn? Well, maybe they will look better on you. Slimmer figure, it probably works! Also, maybe you have things in your wardrobe that will go perfectly with the funky pattern...I had nothing.