Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fix #17 From Stitch Fix - June 14, 2016

My quarterly Stitch Fix delivery arrived one day early yesterday! Since I've cut back on my Stitch Fix boxes to once every 3 months, the arrival of a new box is even more exciting. I had been looking forward to maybe getting a pair of pastel pants (all the rage) or a fun colorful top to add to my wardrobe.

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Let's open the box and see what I received, shall we?

 I had two bundles inside my box. That's always interesting! Separate bundles usually indicate a bulkier item, like a coat or purse.

Through the paper, I could see color and pattern on the right. Feeling good about this one.
Unwrapped, I was happy to see the variety of color and pattern in the clothes. The purse was a lovely bright pink color, but I'm not really that into purses. So this one was a bit of a shrug for me. I probably could use a good beach bag, but another purse? Probably not.

But instead of focusing on the negatives, let's hang up the clothes, try them on, and see what we have!
1) First, we have the Florence Dress by Pixley for $68.00. I did love the patterned material of this dress. However, the style was not good. Typically, these kinds of gathered waist dresses look best on narrower frames with fewer curves. The gathered waist creates the effect of shape when maybe you don't have a lot of shape (apple body, slim hipped, etc.).

This is kind of the exact opposite of me. However, I didn't want to be a party pooper before I even tried it on. Those who have read my reviews for a long time know my rule: TRY EVERYTHING ON. I never toss something aside by looks alone.

So, I girded my loins for the expected result. My fears were not unwarranted. Behold, the dress on a curvier, more hour-glassy figure:

Yeah, about as expected. Wide shoulders, wide hips, I turn into a big box of a woman. My waist is lost in this dress. And the shapeless, loose top hides the bust area completely. That might have saved such a dress for someone with a body type like mine. Instead, what could've been a fun summer dress, turns into a very unflattering pile of cloth. Not to mention what goes unphotographed, which are the very open arm holes that would make any bra of mine visible to the world.

Big old NO.

2) Next on the list was the Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean by Kut From The Kloth for $88.00. I thought these had potential. Kut From The Kloth pants have worked for me in the past. I think I have 3 pairs of pants from this designer.

However, the ripped up legs seemed a little young for 40-something mom. Hmm. Not so sure if this will fit into my wardrobe. I did need another pair of jeans, as I have some Levi's on their last legs.

I was a little disappointed I did not get a pair of pastel pants as requested. I mean, I know everyone can use another pair of well-fitting jeans, but I really wanted to see some summery pants in my box. Sigh...

I tried to be positive, hoped for the best and slipped them on. As you can see from the try-on pics they did fit just fine. They were comfortable, although I got my toe caught in one of the ripped up areas when putting them on. I decided to wear them while I tried on the two tops that came in my box to get a feel for the pants over time.

 I mean, they look pretty cute. Don't they? Hmm... I put them in the MAYBE pile as I continued on.

3) The next item was the Auburndale Tie Sleeve Knit Top from Skies Are Blue for $54.00. I have to be honest. When I unwrapped all the clothes and looked at them, I thought this top had deodorant stains on the front from a previous Stitch Fix customer. You cannot see the weird white stains on the picture I took of the front because not only is my picture horridly blurry, it just didn't show up well. However, the picture of the back gives you an idea of what I'm talking about. The back looked like someone had streaked white paint on it. It wasn't consisting streaking, or it would've been okay. It was rather random and looked accidental, like a stain of some kind.
Sorry it's so blurry and the color is off.
Weird random white streaks.

I actually took a washcloth to the front thinking I could scrub it away. That's when it became clear that no, this was no deodorant, it was intentional. Huh. Okay.

The fabric was also pretty thin and somewhat see through. Not sure I like that. But let's try that puppy on and see what we think!

Okay, when I put it on it was pretty flattering. And I did love the color. This is a good color for my skin tone. But, not only was the v-neck a little low for casual summer wearing, which is what this top would be, it had these ties at the shoulder as you can see in the 2nd picture below.

 I wasn't 100% sure this style was for me. As I said, I'm a mom in my 40s. Is this too 'young'? Possibly. But what really turned me off to the style was where it rested on my shoulder. I have had this problem before...the shoulder sat slightly back off my shoulders. It just didn't look right, and the ties were more visible from the back, which really wasn't the intent of the design.

In the end, it was the shoulder plus the weird white streaks (that aren't visible in the pics) on the front that looked like deodorant stains that put this sucker in the NO pile.

4) This fix was not going well for me. Yes, I was still considering the pants, but I only had 1 item of clothing left! The next item was the Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top by Laila Jayde for $58. I had actually found this top on someone's Pinterest board, loved it and added it to my own Stitch Fix board to let my stylist know. I am a big fan of Dolman sleeve tops...usually because I have wide shoulders and Dolman sleeves always work for me. But also, the shape is flattering on my figure. I was pleased, too, that it was a fun color that was not something I had in my wardrobe.

 I really thought this would be a keeper. Everything about it seemed good. I tried it on:
Now, I have to say, this pic makes it look very cute and flattering. But it really wasn't that great. The material was thin and did not hang correctly, in my opinion. It sort of sagged on the sides. I just thought I could do better for my $58.

At this point, I also started to reassess the pants. They fit, but they had a very low waist. Bending over and kneeling down, there was an 'exposure' problem in the back that I did not like. I have another pair of boyfriend jeans from Stitch Fix that have a higher rise, which I like better.  In addition, the ripped up legs did seem a bit 'teeanger.'

So at this point I gave a thumbs down to both the top and the pants. NO.

 5) After trying on all the clothes and coming up empty handed, I was left with a purse I didn't need--the Lynden Satchel by Urban Expressions for $68.00. But I hung it up anyway:

It was a nice, large bag with a deep interior and both a single side zipped pocket and  double zipped pockets on the other side. It also came with a shoulder strap attachment. The reason I did not reject it from the very beginning is that, in the past, I had ended up with a basically free purse in one of my other fixes because I'd kept everything else in the box. My hope had been when I opened this fix that the same might be true here. I mean, I would've added another purse to my collection if it would be free.

And, looking at the receipt, it would've been!

Sadly, the purse was also a NO, since I was keeping nothing else from this box. I haven't had a complete failure in a LONG time with Stitch Fix. It was much more disappointing this time around because I am only getting a fix once a quarter.

So, I logged into my Stitch Fix account and switched it back to once a month deliveries, so that I could get another box next month. Hopefully, that box would be a better one, and I wouldn't end up with nothing new for summer.

The best part was, for some reason, when I switched to once a month deliveries, they scheduled me for a June 28th fix!  So I am getting another box of clothes in 2 weeks! Thank goodness.

Let's hope that box is a better one.

If you have yet to try Stitch Fix, consider using my referral link below. I will get a $25 credit when you make your first order, just to give full transparency. Even though I've been doing these reviews for over 2 years, I haven't gotten much in the way of credit (not a complaint, just honesty...I write these reviews for the fun of it...not for the $$).


Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to hear your comments on what I kept and what I sent back.

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  1. You know I love reading these. I also love knowing you're not that into purses. Me either -- yet I hesitate to ever say this in public, since it's so rare among women ... ;)

  2. LOL. I am also not a shoe person. So no shoes obsession, no purse obsession. I'm almost barely female! ;-)