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Fix #13 from Stitch Fix - June 16, 2015

Hello, faithful readers! Here I am again with a new Stitch Fix box to chat about. If you've read most or all of my reviews, you will know that this spring I reduced my Stitch Fix shipments down to one a quarter, rather than once a month. I love Stitch Fix, but was looking to reduce my spending habits this year. Quarterly seems to be a good fit for me.

Although I do miss my monthly boxes, there is now more of a 'special' factor when I receive one. I got my June box Tuesday the 16th, but have had trouble uploading photos to Blogger, and I have been trying to get this post up for a while now. I've dated this review as the date of delivery.

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This time around, I'd asked my stylist (I've had the same stylist, per my request, for about 10 months now) to send me COLORFUL things. No more grey or black. I also asked for no sleeveless tops, as those aren't my favorite. Short-sleeved was fine as well as dresses, skirts or capri pants.

So my box arrived and I took out the nicely wrapped bundle.

It came in a smaller box. Probably due to the lightweight stuff that would make up a summertime delivery.

I eagerly unwrapped the package and made a stack of my items. Ooh! Pretty colors...although I saw some darker-than-I-wanted colors mixed in there. But I'm always open minded to what my stylist chooses for me.
The green made me happy. Looked interesting and fun! The navy blues and grays were a tad bit depressing. Where are the 'fun' colors I asked for? And I'd specifically said: no more gray or black!

I was disappointed and thinking I would not like anything in this box at all. Horribly sad, since I am now down to 1 box every 3 months. Each box really counts!

However, I went to the next step in my review process and hung up each item. As any of my regular readers will recall, I never look at the price sheet when I am in the try-on phase of my unboxing experience. I want to try everything on (even if I think it looks horrid) and make my judgment based on how much I like the item. This box contained 2 tops, 1 pair of pants, a dress and a necklace. Here we go!

1) First, there was the gray item that gave me sadness. It was the Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee by Market and Spruce for $44.00.
I expected that this would be a fail moment just based on the gray color alone. Wasn't this t-shirt available in any other color, stylist? Did you really have to add more gray to my life? Then I tried it on:

Hey, there, plain gray shirt. Aren't you comfy? This t-shirt was made from a stretchy, blend of some kind that is super light. It has a high-low design which is awesome because I can wear this with more form-fitting pants, and it creates a very flattering figure. The lightness of the material means the shirt flows away from my body and really helps keep you cool on a hot day. Also, the cut fit my wide shoulders with the seams falling in just the right place. Even though it was gray, I realized it was a great neutral to go with my things in my wardrobe. From sadness to gladness. KEEP!

2) As you can see in the t-shirt photo above, the next item I tried on were the Emer Textured Cropped Straight Leg Pant by Margaret M for $98.00. Here they on the hanger:

I have received Margaret M pants before (last summer's 'clown pants,' if you're curious) and had liked the fit, but hated the pattern. This time, I was in love with the kelly green!  This is a color that looks really good on me, and I was happy to have something so colorful in my box. I assumed I would love these and would be adding them to my wardrobe. Then, I tried them on.

Yes, they fit. But just a little too tightly. The fabric wasn't quite thick enough to hide the horror of pantylines. And I didn't want to have to think about which underwear to put on in order to wear these pants. If there had been maybe a little more give or a slightly thicker fabric, I think all would've gone well. Such a bummer, because the color was delightful. 

When I saw the price on the receipt, however, I was sort of glad these were GOING BACK.

3) The next item to get the model treatment was the Nogales Lace Detail Blouse by Le Lis for $48.00. I wasn't really looking forward to this one because of the square shape of the blouse. However, I've been fooled before by the way something looks on a hanger vs. on my body.

Hard to tell in my photo, but it is navy blue with a cream-and-navy lace on the front. Once again, I wished this were in a brighter, happier color, But I try everything on, so here we go:

Okay, so I know...the photo on the left makes it look kinda cute. However, I had to stand awkwardly in order to make it look like I had a waist in this photo. For someone with less hip/leg than me, this top might work. But besides the shape of the shirt being off for my figure, if you notice in the photo on the right, the sleeve was incredibly tight on my not-so-slender upper arm. The navy blue fabric was a very unforgiving and unstretchy material. Also, the shoulders were too narrow. And, the weirdest part of all? That lace you see? Pretty much see-through!  Yep, if I weren't wearing a nude bra, you'd see right through it. So, I'd have to pair this top with a tank at all times. And for summer wear, that just didn't make sense to me.  I was a bit disappointed Stitch Fix didn't include a nude tank as they had in the past when they sent something so see-through.

This sucker was GOING BACK.

4) The last item of clothing was the Spencer Striped Jersey Dress by Market and Spruce for $54.00. Oh, this was so cute!  I loved the feel of the dress, the cut, and I was even okay with adding more navy striped clothing to my closet:
I was slightly worried, though, that this dress might be a little too short. Hm. Please say it isn't so! The only way to know is to try it on...
This dress was so comfortable!  It was made out of a stretchy fabric that had some decent weight to it. The flattering arrangement of the stripes was fabulous. It had a delicious twirl-factor when you spun around and the skirt flowed away from unflattering areas so I felt very slim and trim in this dress.

Oh, how I wanted to be able to keep this! The ONLY problem I had with this dress was the length. I have now hit my mid-40s. I felt rather foolish in a dress this short. It was a good 6 inches above my knee. What a horrible, horrible shame. But I just didn't feel comfortable in a dress this length. Dressing too youthfully is not the look I am going for with two teenagers in the house. I am looking for some 'classy elegance' that can take me into my middle years with grace.

DARN! Goodbye, awesome dress. I am so sad to see you go. The dress was a sad and regretful NO.

5) The last item in my box was a necklace - the Munroe Feather Pendant Necklace by Romolo for $28.00. I was actually glad to see it. My cheap jewelry collection is starting to age, and I need to weed out the problem pieces. Here are some pics:

I forgot to take a picture of me wearing it. Silly me. So, just to let you know this is a longer chain. It had a nice weight to it. The length was a good one for me. I am a silver jewelry person and need more simple pieces like this one. I loved it. KEEP.

So, in the end I kept a t-shirt and a necklace. Not the most exciting box I've received. But I still enjoyed the process and will continue getting quarterly boxes. Rarely am I disappointed in a box, and I've really enjoyed updating my wardrobe and staying on top of trends without having to do any work.

If you have yet to try Stitch Fix, can I interest you in using my link below? I will receive a $25 credit after you make your first order. And what girl doesn't want some shopping credit? I greatly appreciate it.

My next box will arrive in September. Please be sure to come back to my blog for a visit to see what I might get.

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