Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter = No Production

Right now, I work from home. It's a nice place to be, because I can find many ways to sneak in writing during my day. Winters around here are pretty slow. So you'd think that would mean a lot more writing in the winter, wouldn't you?

But no. That always seems to be my LEAST productive time of year. Right around November stuff starts to drop off...and then I don't usually get back into it seriously until about April or May.

At first, I thought it was the cold. My old office wasn't heated and had no door. I used a space heater, but without a door, well, it stayed pretty cold. Especially in January! Brr....

I have my new office space upstairs where it is easy to heat with the same space heater. No more frozen fingers. But yet my production is the same. Slim to none.

I'm still contemplating exactly which book idea I want to pursue. My first thought is to wait until my editing begins, hoping that gives some insight as to where my weaknesses as a writer might lie. You know, learn from my mistakes, rather than repeat them in something new.

I should be hearing from my editor soon. I'm anxious about that. I want to think she loves the book even more now that I made some of the changes she wanted. But some of me wonders if this isn't one huge colossal mistake. If my editor won't email me and say, "You know, we've actually changed our minds...we don't want to publish this after all."

Meanwhile, I want to work on something new. I really do. But that creative side of my brain seems to have stalled right now. Ugh.

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