Monday, August 24, 2015

BLOOD MOON Now Available in Paperback!

My book, BLOOD MOON, is now available for purchase in paperback form through CreateSpace. It will soon be available on Amazon later this week...and other retailers, hopefully over the next couple of months.

I received a proof copy of my book last week, and it turned out so cool! I'm pretty proud of how the cover turned out. Designed on my Mac using Illustrator, a photo I downloaded from a royalty-free site and a wolf I used (with permission) from an artist on DeviantArt.

I now have that proof copy sitting on my bookshelf next to my other two books. This has inspired me to really work hard on getting ACAPULCO NIGHTS out there in Kindle and print form ASAP.

Please spread the word about the print version. This book is intended for high school kids looking to expand their vocabulary before they take the SAT or other college entrance exams. However, it could be useful for anyone wanting to learn some difficult words in a fun way.

The Kindle version is $2.99, and the print version is $8.99. The CreateSpace buy link is below. Will add the Amazon link (and others) as they become available.

Buy BLOOD MOON in paperback!

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