Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hair Secret: Goat's Milk Shampoo Bar

I wanted to share this with the world because I have long suffered with fine hair. Since the early days, my hair was too fine to use barrettes, scrunchies and clips successfully.

See the scrunchy in the ponytail? Cute, right? Girls had tons of scrunchies to match their outfits. If I put one of these in my hair, it would slide right out. Or I could get the scrunchy tight-ish, then over the course of the day, my ponytail would deflate. It never stayed high on the back of my head like the picture.

I had to skip all the great 80s hair trends because my hair would not take a perm, would not achieve height with the use of Aquanet, and would not do anything at all if cut short! I had a few perms. They would last for about a week. Yes, a WEEK. Then, all the curl would be gone. I'd be left with slightly damaged hair, which gave me a bit more body, but not the riot of curls I was looking for.

If I added too much hairspray or mousse to my hair to try to get the awesome hairstyle below, the products would weigh down my hair. I'd end up with a limp mess by about noon. Never getting the mega-80s hair I so desired.

Well, you say, why didn't you go short? Lots of cute short hairstyles in the 80s for women. Remember Princess Di? Even Madonna chopped off her hair and went short. Unlike the lady below, my hair looks worse when shorter. Limp strands of fine hair, turning into a static mess in winter...it was not pretty. Sure, I could use the curling iron to add a bit of something to my hair, but it never lasted. Then, I still had the problem with mousse or hairspray weighing down my now short hair.

So, this example to the right of a cool, short 80s 'do? Never happened for me.

For years I battled my fine hair. I tried numerous 'body' shampoos and 'light' conditioners that promised not to weigh down your hair. I had hair stylists recommend different hair products that were suppose to give body or volume...never worked. By my late 20s, I decided to just work with the hair God gave me and find a way to be happy with it. I did find the ideal length for me: somewhere between shoulder and chin. Too long, it got straggly. Too short, and I lost what little volume I had. Eventually, I discovered that a very layered cut worked well. But I still had those 'flat' hair days where I felt like I was all head and no hair. It was depressing.

However, last Christmas a beautiful shipping error changed my life. I ordered some goat's milk products from a small company that my mother-in-law recommended to the husband. I like goat's milk lotion, and they also had a nice lip balm. So, I ordered some for Christmas.  The little company accidentally sent me someone else's order...a box full of goat's milk shampoo bars. The company, realizing their mistake, told me to just keep the delivery, as it was their fault. I thought that was cool and decided it was worth a shot to try out the shampoo and see what it was like.

All of you limp-haired beauties out there, let me be frank: THIS STUFF WORKS! My hair went from limp and sad to volumized!

When you wash your hair using a shampoo bar with goat's milk, you don't get that slick 'clean' feeling you are used to with regular shampoos. Instead, your hair will feel a bit rough and sort of coated. Don't fear! This is good. This is what gives your hair body!

I thought for sure this feeling meant I did not wash my hair enough, and it would end up limp and sad at the end of the day. Not true!

This sensation is what gives your hair the body you want. I now have this interesting texture to my hair that was never there before. My hair has lift and is super clean. It was a miracle. I will never go back to using regular shampoo again.

Another fact is that for most of the year, I don't need any conditioner at all. Just the Goat's Milk Shampoo Bar. I have not had a problem with dry hair or static at all. The only time I used conditioner was in the winter months...and I live very far north where you have very cold, dry weather.

If you are dealing with lank, fine hair, you MUST try this. There are any number of small businesses out there making goat's milk products. I will give a link to the place I buy from so that you have a resource, but you are certainly encouraged to find your own local goat's milk producer to see if they have a similar product.

FYI, my husband also uses the shampoo bar...he has completely different hair than I do. He also loves the way his hair is manageable, but not too 'fluffy,' as he calls it. If he uses something with too much conditioner he gets ridiculous puffy hair. So, this bar is for every type of hair, not just fine hair. I just wanted to give you the benefits for fine hair sufferers, because I know what a nightmare it can be to live with such thin, fine hair.

I may not be able to sport the 80s hair I wanted back in the day, but the texture and appearance of my fine hair has been greatly improved using the Goat's Milk Shampoo Bar.

Here's my resource: Udderly Fresh in Hamilton, Montana

My favorite Shampoo Bar from Udderly Fresh is the What On Earth Shampoo Bar ($5). I think for my husband and I, a shampoo bar lasts about 5 to 6 weeks. I even cut off a sliver for traveling!

If you are a fine hair sufferer and give the bar a try, please let me know what you think in the comments.

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