Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Amazon Freebie Available this Thursday - July 17 2014

Last year I uploaded my book, BLOOD MOON, to Amazon. This was my first foray into self-publishing. I had this little YA book sitting on my hard drive that had been languishing in no man's land for years, and I thought, "What the heck? Why not edit it, create a cover (yes, I made that cover!) and sell it myself?"

I'm sure some people have had negative experiences with self-published books. Bad editing is probably number one on that list. My self-editing was not perfect, but I definitely found myself using what I'd learned from Samhain when editing THE NINTH CURSE: words to look out for and eradicate (I'm very partial to the word 'just' for some reason, among others), how to create immediacy in your writing (kill as many uses of the word 'was' as possible), and destroying 'head hopping' (jumping from one character's POV to the next in a single scene).

Overall, I think I did a good job of editing...at least a good enough job that I wouldn't embarrass myself. Admittedly, there are probably mistakes in that book that someone will catch. If so, you are more than welcome to let me know!  I have issued two updated editions of BLOOD MOON since it was released in May 2013 (not for grammatical corrections), and I would do it again if readers pointed me to egregious editing errors.

Cute Kitty Reading
BLOOD MOON has not sold a ton of copies. I probably will never be compensated well for the hours I spent writing it, editing it and crafting a cover. This is why I don't have any qualms about giving away copies from time to time through Amazon's KDP Select program. This Thursday, another giveaway will take place. Please feel free to share the link at the end of this post with friends and family. If you have a Kindle, why not download it? You never know when you may be stuck in an airport or at your mother-in-law's house with nothing to do! And since my book is packed with SAT vocabulary words (with footnoted definitions), you can walk away from the experience a more educated individual.

For those who may be new to my blog, here is a quick plot summary:

Werewolves are roaming Northeast High, and Savannah Black is determined to hunt them down.

When Savannah's academic rival mysteriously disappears, she enlists the aid of her two best friends, Dina and Nick, to solve the mystery. Football players with glowing eyes and razor sharp canine teeth may have fooled the faculty, but not Savannah and her friends. These brave students are determined to eradicate a clan of deadly werewolves who threaten to take over their school.

When Dina disappears right before the big Homecoming Dance, Savannah and Nick must act quickly to save her from the werewolf's curse. But will a straight-A student be able to master knives and silver bullets as easily as chemistry and calculus?

Warning! This book contains pentagrams, bonfires in the woods, and 1000 SAT words and their definitions to challenge you.

Pass along the link below to anyone who may be interested (or even mildly interested) in my book. The only thing I ask in return is that you consider writing a review (on Amazon or Good Reads)--honesty appreciated, even if it's a 1-star review.

BLOOD MOON available free on Amazon starting July 17, 2014


  1. Cool cover. I might check out your book. I'm a YA fan.

    1. Hope you had a chance to download it before the freebie ended! If not, keep an eye on my blog...I will probably offer it up again in the future!