Monday, May 19, 2014

Footnotes Now Included

Thank goodness I read the latest KDP newsletter (Kindle Direct Publishing). They included an article about how to embed footnotes into your Kindle book.

When I first uploaded my book, BLOOD MOON, to the Kindle store, I was so disappointed that all the footnotes I had worked so hard on (1000 to be exact) would not be allowed in my Kindle book. The footnotes were very important to my readers because they contained the definitions for the 1000 SAT words embedded in the story. Without the footnotes, a reader would have to click on the word and use the dictionary function on her Kindle to get to the definition. Not as user-friendly, if you ask me.

The inability of Kindle books to display footnotes had something to do with the kind of file type used on Kindle books. As I understand it, Kindles use HTML as the basis for its Kindle file type, and footnotes were not supported in HTML coding. (Please correct me in the comments, if I understood this incorrectly. I'm no HTML geek!)

There must have been a coding update to HTML, because now you can upload a Word document with properly formatted footnotes, and they appear in the final Kindle book! The Kindle program turns your footnotes into clickable links, so you can click on the footnote number in the text, and your Kindle will open up a new 'page' that displays the footnote. You click on the number again in the footnote to return to your place in the book.

I am not sure how long this feature has been available for Kindle formatting, but I am so glad it was added. Now my book can be read as intended.

Just a few minutes ago I uploaded a 3rd edition of BLOOD MOON to the Kindle store, and it should be available in the next day or so. If you haven't had a chance to get a copy, you can now buy a new-and-improved version.

Although the book is intended as study materials for the SATs and other college prep exams, even adults can build their vocabulary while enjoying a fun read.

BLOOD MOON in the Kindle Store

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