Friday, March 28, 2014

Freebie Starts Tomorrow (March 29th, 2014)

Spread the word. My book, BLOOD MOON, will be available as a free Kindle download starting tomorrow (March 29, 2014) at Amazon.

Click here!

I wanted to give away copies of my book in time for the April SATs for all those juniors out there who need a more interesting way to cram for the vocab section. If you are unfamiliar with my book, here is the blurb:

Werewolves are roaming Northeast High, and Savannah Black is determined to hunt them down.

When Savannah's academic rival mysteriously disappears, she enlists the aid of her two best friends, Dina and Nick, to solve the mystery. Football players with glowing eyes and razor sharp canine teeth may have fooled the faculty, but not Savannah and her friends. These brave students are determined to eradicate a clan of deadly werewolves who threaten to take over their school.

When Dina disappears right before the big Homecoming Dance, Savannah and Nick must act quickly to save her from the werewolf's curse. But will a straight-A student be able to master knives and silver bullets as easily as chemistry and calculus?

Warning! This book contains pentagrams, bonfires in the woods, and 1000 SAT words and their definitions to challenge you.

It's a fun book, not super duper long (151 pages), and has some great reviews so far. Please download a copy starting tomorrow and, if you are so inclined, rate the book either on Good Reads or Amazon when you are done reading. I'd really appreciate it!

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