Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Stress of Summertime

So the kids are out of school, and I work from home. This is a good thing and a bad thing.

Good thing = Don't have to get up at 6:15 am to make lunches / get kids out the door. My summer wake hour is 7 am. Yeah, I'm a morning person. So sue me.

Bad thing = Kids camp out in living room all day long on their laptops making noise / messes and intruding into my Quiet Work Zone. My office is in my bedroom, and the master bedroom just happens to be on the 1st floor. If they get a rowdy game of Minecraft going, it can be difficult to get my work done.

Good thing = Don't have to pick up kids at 2:30 pm and interrupt my work focus. Or my afternoon internet surfing. ;-)

Bad thing = Kids eat a LOT more food when they are at home. Which means more dishes. Um, and why haven't I taught them to reuse drinking glasses? Do you really need to put that 3rd drink of Kool-aid in a *clean* glass????

Good thing = Don't have to worry about after school activities and making a zillion trips into town. Have I mentioned how happy I am that the school musical is finally over? Rehearsals, extra rehearsals, rehearsals that go over time, dress rehearsals...ARGH!!!!!

Bad thing = Kids get bored and want you to make a zillion trips into town so they can see their friends, go shopping, etc. Next thing on the list is to get the daughter her driver's license. So very very very close.....I think we both can't wait for that one.

I suppose I should make more use of my morning hours when the kids are still asleep. For some reason, though, I pick up steam by about 2 in the afternoon and pour it on until dinnertime. That is when the kids are at their peak noise-making / mess-making stage.

Somehow work gets done. Kids fall into their summer routine. And by August we all can't wait for school to start up again! (Okay, maybe that's just me)

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