Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I couldn't watch

On Sunday night we recorded Nik Wallenda's tightrope walk attempt across the Grand Canyon. Glad we recorded it because the commentary and build-up was so ridiculous!  But as for the walk itself, I couldn't watch. The rest of my family was riveted to the tv, and I was staring down at my smartphone.


I am horridly afraid of heights. Even heights seen on a tv or movie screen. Just a few glimpses of Nik Wallenda suspended 1500 feet above the canyon floor was enough to nauseate me.

My fear has gotten worse as I've gotten older. I don't like ferris wheels, tall buildings (even looking up at them is enough to freak me out), and most definitely cliff edges of any kind. I will never sign up for The Amazing Race because I know I'd end up having to bungee jump off a bridge or pitch myself out of an airplane or walk down the side of a building. All horrifying challenges.

I think a fear of heights make sense. We aren't built to fly or climb walls like a spider. We are breakable. There is no real need to stand on the edge of anything. It is a built-in fear based on basic survival instincts, so I'm glad my fear is a strong one.

Maybe if I were an engineer who drafted the plans for suspension bridges or skyscrapers, I'd feel better about things. For now, though, I'll leave the bungee jumping, skydiving, rockclimbing to the daredevils and crazy people.

And next time there is a Nik Wallenda special on tv, I think I will just ban myself to the bedroom where I can play Candy Crush or Words with Friends until I get the 'all clear' signal from my husband.

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