Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I'm Going To Be On The Radio!

In my last blog post, I gave you some tips and tricks about how to get out of your hermit writer space and into the real world to promote yourself and your books. My last suggestion was to call your local radio station to see if they are interested in featuring you.

Well, I finally got up the nerve to call my local radio broadcaster last Friday. There was no email (an introvert's best friend), so I had to dial a number and leave a message for the operator. I probably sounded like a dolt. I mentioned that I was a local author who had been in the paper recently and that I had an upcoming book signing I would love to promote maybe with an announcement or perhaps an interview.

One of the stations this broadcaster runs is an AM talk radio station (KSPT 1400 AM). Most of the day is taken up with national radio programs like Rush Limbaugh and Clark Howard. But weekdays at noon they run local programming with different hosts.

Monday, I received a call back from someone at the broadcasting office who gave me the email for Bob Witte, one of the hosts (and the radio station's general manager) for that noontime programming. My event would be a good fit for his show.

I immediately put together an email and heard back from Mr. Witte within a matter of hours. He would love to have me on his show!

Today, it was confirmed that I will be a guest at 12:30 pm on Thursday, March 10th! My hope is to not only promote my books, but to encourage people to come out to my book signing.

I've never been on the radio before, but, as my husband can tell you, I can TALK. I am not a quiet wallflower once I'm comfortable. And behind a mike is pretty comfortable for me...since I won't have to worry about a crowd staring at me!

If you are local to Sandpoint, Idaho, consider tuning in next week. You might be able to find an internet broadcast of the station. If I find one, I'll post it here.

Never be afraid to reach outside your comfort zone!

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