Friday, January 15, 2016

Review: VOLOOM Styling Tool

Today I have to thank my wonderful sister for providing me with the inspiration for this blog post. She and I are both plagued with fine, straight hair. We have tried all sorts of styling tools, styling products, blowdrying methods, etc. to amp up the volume, but nothing ever seemed to work. When I hit my early 30s, I came to the conclusion that I should just get over the annoyance I have with the hair God gave me, and just roll with it. Why wish for something that will never be?

If you are a fine-haired person like me, you know what I'm talking about. Mousses, sprays and gels only weigh down your hair more. Even using the wrong conditioner can create flatter hair. For about 5 seconds in the morning, your hair has some of the volume you want from the blowdryer and hairspray, but then it disappears. Ugh. It's enough to drive a girl mad.

Enter the Voloom styling tool. 
I had never heard of Voloom before. My sister got one for Christmas (I think she purchased it for herself) and raved about what this tool could do. She sent before and after photos to me, and I was impressed with the difference in the volume of her hair. Now she is a Voloom evangelist. She has told all of her fine-haired, flat-haired friends about the wonder that is Voloom. She also finds herself noticing women on the street who could benefit from Voloom and secretly yearning to tell them about it.

So, she decided to buy me a Voloom as an early birthday gift! I got my Voloom yesterday. I used it one time, and now I am also a believer! Below is a before-and-after pic of me. The before pic on the left is me, just after blowdrying my hair. No products used. The after pic on the right is me, with just the Voloom use. No other styling product used.
Notice the difference in volume? It's amazing! I am even going to grow out my hair to a longer length due to the awesomeness of this tool. I have been using a very layered, shorter style for a long time now in order to create as much volume as possible. Now, I am free to have the length of hair I want.

What is Voloom?
Voloom is a styling tool that looks a lot like a straightening iron with a 'waffle' like pattern inside. It crimps your hair, providing lift and volume in seconds.

How do you use Voloom?
You plug in the device. Let it heat up to the proper temperature (different types of hair, need different temperatures) - the heating up only takes about 1 minute. Then, you lift off the top section of hair on either side of your part, clip it out of the way, and take an individual layer of hair underneath and crimp it near the roots for a second or two. You only crimp the layers underneath that you cannot also do not crimp the hair that will be visible next to your face. Once you are done, you unclip the straight hair on top, and voila! Instant volume.

In order to create the best volume and a nice-looking hairstyle, you should only be crimping from the roots to just above your ear. Any lower, and you won't have that volume appearance you want with fullness around the crown.

This still makes no sense to me. Help!
There are a lot of videos on YouTube about how to use the Voloom:

This review was entertaining and real.

You can also go on the Voloom website to view some short demos and see before-and-after pictures.

Tell me more about this miracle tool.

As a woman who lived through the 80s and those massive, glorious hairstyles of the time, I wished Voloom existed back then. I was unable to really do much with my hair: perms never worked, curling irons did nothing to impart volume, hairspray and mousses were useless. I was a sad 80s teen.

1) Voloom is incredibly quick and easy to use.

2) The volume lasts all day, even into the next day. If you don't wash your hair every day, you could wake up after sleeping on your Voloom-ed hair and still have the same volume as the day before.

3) The more layers underneath that you crimp, the bigger the volume. You can even do the back of your head.

4) You will never have a bad hair day again!

I am a pretty regular gal. I don't wear a lot of make-up and I don't spend hours on my hair. I don't consider myself a girlie girl. But this tool has made my life infinitely better just in one day. I feel better about myself and my appearance. My hair has the volume and lift I'd always dreamed about. I now have the option of different, longer hairstyles that I'd rejected due to past disappointments.

The Voloom costs $129.99 (Amazon with free shipping). Sounds pricey, I know. But think about all of the tools you've tried in the past. All of the volumizing products and shampoos that never really worked. The Voloom is a quality product that will last for years and provide instant improvement to your hair. It will make you more confident about your appearance. 100% worth it, ladies.

My sister and I are both so impressed with this product, we wish we could be commissioned salespeople. I can imagine setting up my booth at the local county fair and selling hundreds of these. All you need to see is a demonstration, and you will be sold on what this product can do for you.

Let me know if you have tried Voloom or if you have any questions about Voloom works in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by.

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