Monday, December 7, 2015


About a month or two ago, I saw a Twitter post (?) about a home delivery service I'd not hear about before. It is called Graze. It falls under the description of a subscription service like Stitch Fix or Birch Box. Instead of clothes or beauty products, however, Graze delivers boxes of fancy and fun snack foods to your house. I thought it sounded interesting, and I could get a free 4-snack sample box with my first order.

So I tried it out!

Each 8-snack variety box costs $11.99. Shipping is free. So that comes out to about $1.50 per snack. 

I have now received about 3 regular sized boxes (8 snacks per box) and the 4-snack sample box.

The good things about Graze:

Lemon Drizzle Flapjacks
1) The snacks are very high quality and unique and packaged in individual little packs for freshness. I've had such tasty things as Lemon Drizzle Flapjacks (delicious!), Sesame Garlic Crunch (also tasty) and Cherries and Berries (sweet and natural).

2) The snacks are typically between 110 and 160 calories per snack, so if you are trying to cut back, this is a great way to do it. 
Sesame Garlic Crunch

3) There are dozens and dozens of snacks to choose from. You can tell them which snacks you are interested in trying or which ones you tried, but did not like.

4) Each order comes with an ingredients list, calorie info, etc.

Cherries & Berries
5) You can suspend your orders at any time. Right now I get a Graze box every 2 weeks, which is perfect for me. I typically grab one snack a day during the work week. So 8 snacks fits into my snack time perfectly.

The bad things about Graze:

1) Some of the snacks are not my thing. But it is hard to tell from the many, many snacks listed, which ones may be good and which may not be so good. I am not sure if Graze uses the snacks you reject and learns to tailor your list in future shipments. That would be a nice feature. It's a bit of a bummer to get even 1 snack that I deem 'not so good' when paying $1.50 per snack.

2) When I first signed up, I wanted to get my boxes once a month to start. However, that option did not seem to be available. I can suspend a box, if I want to, but I'd rather have the option to just not get boxes as often. Right now, I am actually happy with the bi-weekly box, but not sure how long that will last.

3) I wish I had a way to specifically request the same snack in a new box. Some of the snacks are SO good. Even if I mark the snack "love" under their Graze rating system (Trash, Try, Like, Love), I have not yet received that snack again...maybe I want that snack at least once a month in my box. How do I do that? It is not clear.

Sharing Box

Something new to Graze is the "Sharing Box." This may be an option I choose to do rather than the bi-monthly snack packs, once I get a taste of more of the snacks they offer and narrow it down to my absolute favorites. A Sharing Box is a large quantity of a favorite snack. So rather than one serving, you get 5 snacks in one bag (each sharing box comes with 4 boxes of snacks with 5 servings each, or 20 snacks). You get to select your favorite snacks - adding up to 10 to your list. This option can be a monthly option. The Sharing Box costs $20 right now for your first box, and then $25 after that.  

Overall, for a service I had NO interest in trying at first, I have discovered that I really like the unique and delicious offerings from Graze. Although slightly pricey, the costs are not so outrageous that I feel I'm being ripped off. In fact, I would say the costs are probably in line with the many high-end snacks you can buy at Trader Joe's or another 'fancy' grocery store.

For a unique Christmas gift, this might be just the thing. I know that my family loves getting food gifts this time of year.

If you are interested in trying out Graze, either for yourself or for a friend/family member, consider using my code: 45JQTF2NB. I think I get some kind of credit, if you enter my code when you order. You will also get your 1st and your 5th box FREE if you use my code!

FYI, all of my reviews on my blog are 100% my idea. I am not paid for these reviews in anyway and just write them out of my own interest in sharing these things with visitors to my blog.

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