Wednesday, November 11, 2015

First Review - Acapulco Nights

This morning I logged into GoodReads to check up on my book giveaway (see my sidebar to enter the giveaway), and I was surprised to see two new ratings for my book, ACAPULCO NIGHTS. And they were pretty flattering was a 5-star rating, the other was a 4-star rating. Overall, on GoodReads my new book has a 4.75 rating!  Which is so incredibly flattering and exciting. I'm glad to see readers really connecting with and enjoying this book.

I recognized one of the names of the raters and realized that she was one of the book bloggers who agreed to review my book!  I immediately clicked over to her blog to see what she had to say about my book (she was the one who gave it 4 stars out of 5).

Silvy at Books Are My Life
You can go here to read the whole thing: Silvy at Books Are My Life reviews Acapulco Nights.

But here are some highlights (she's from Macedonia and English is a second language to her, so bear with the slight discrepancies in her English!):
When I read the synopsis of this book I was frightened that everything is revealed and I couldn’t enjoy reading the book. I was wrong, very wrong. It’s not that simple. The story goes smooth from present then the next chapter goes with the past what was happened and reveal part by part. I was hardly wait to read the chapter and continue where the story from the present stops. Story from the past and the story from the present told intermittently was motivating thing to read forward till the end.
 And here's one more quote:
I recommend this book to romance lovers and to the people how like light, funny and warm read with captivating story for the true love and how everyone should fight for it.
Wow! I am so so flattered at how much she enjoyed my book.  I am also glad to see that the book I shipped to her from the U.S. made it to Macedonia intact! No tracking when you are shipping to many foreign countries, so that was a relief.

If you are looking for a different kind of romance that's 'un-put-downable' give ACAPULCO NIGHTS a try.


  1. I'm sorry for my errors, I was write late in the night and I posted the review without checking it. I've correct those really funny errors.

  2. Silvy, I was totally ok with your errors! But thank you for letting me know.