Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rain Drops On Roses and Whiskers On Kittens...

Aren't most of us fans of The Sound of Music? Back before DVRs, cheap satellite tv and the internet, we had only a few channels to watch and a schedule we had to stick to. There were certain shows you could count on watching once a year that were 'event' television:
1) The Wizard of Oz

2) A Charlie Brown Christmas 

3) The Sound of Music.

Now, I will admit there were a few other special things like Charlotte's Web at Easter time and some other Charlie Brown shows, but these were the big 3 nobody missed.

My mom, sister and I would look forward to the night The Sound of Music was on...I think it would be something like 3 or 4 hours long with all the commercials built in. We all knew the lyrics to every song by heart. Even some of the lines...

This week, they are showing the Broadway version of The Sound of Music live on tv with Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer. Is anyone else looking forward to it? 

I am!

I know the Julie Andrews version so very, very well, I want to see a fresh take on it. Hear some new voices sing the classic songs and see a 'stage' version. 

Carrie Underwood has the singing chops for it. Hoping the acting is good...but I'm not expecting an Oscar-winning performance from her. Should be a LOT of fun!

Who else will be watching?

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