Thursday, August 29, 2013

BLOOD MOON now uploaded to Smashwords

In the last week I have worked hard on completing a 2nd edition of BLOOD MOON. Due to some unforeseen formatting issues on the Kindle Fire, I went back through the whole book and fixed all 1000 numbered SAT words for a better reading experience. I also added the blurb after the cover so that readers can be reminded why they bought my book in the first place. :-)

The updated version has now been uploaded to Smashwords and Amazon.

For those unfamiliar with Smashwords, it is a website where authors can upload their books for sale and distribution with numerous book sites such as Barnes & Noble and Apple's iBookstore. It will take a bit for those additional distribution channels to have my book available for sale. Once that happens, you should be able to buy my book in any format you want.

Smashwords sells my book also in multiple formats. You can visit the link below to purchase BLOOD MOON at their site:

Smashwords Sales Page for BLOOD MOON

I will keep you updated once my book is available at other sites.

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