Saturday, July 18, 2009

Working on my galleys & editing a new book!

Just a few days ago, I got an email from my publisher with my galleys for the print version of my book!!!!!!

**Galleys:  the pre-publication version of your book**

I have to go through all the pages and look for any mistakes and mark them on a special sheet. This is to be done by August 10th. Then, I am on track to have a PRINT version of my book in February 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!  Six months from now. Yay!

So far, I've looked over 75 pages of about 240. I did find a handful of minor errors, so it is definitely worth my time to look it over...AGAIN. Surprisingly, although I know the story very well, I'm enjoying this read-through. Hopefully, everyone who has bought the electronic version has enjoyed it, too.

Additionally, I just got my edits for my upcoming book, "The Little Black Box." The electronic version is supposed to come out in August, but it depends on how quickly I can get these edits done. This new book needed a little too much editing for Samhain, so I decided to contract it with a smaller publisher. I'd rather have my book out there for handful of readers, rather than just let it gather dust 'under my bed,' so to speak. 

Terri, the editor & co-owner of the publisher, Under the Moon Press, has been fabulous about working with me on this project. It's a unique/exciting story, and I'm glad she is willing to work with me on it to make it publishable.

Keep an eye out for an excerpt in the next month or so.

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