Monday, May 16, 2016

Working On a New Project - NEMESIS

It's been a LONG time since I had a new post. I apologize. My day job has been incredibly busy as of late, and I've been working a lot of weekends to stay on top of it all.

Today I finally got to unload a pile of clients, so I feel like I can take some time to update you all on what I've got cooking.

I am currently editing a science fiction short story anthology entitled, NEMESIS. This was a project I started with a friend of mine on Wattpad. I've been having a lot of fun with some of the science fiction short story challenges on the app and have read some really great stuff by amateur writers that I think deserves a wider audience.

Since I have had experience with publishing through Amazon's Kindle program, I offered up a chance for some of these writers to have something in print.

The idea for the anthology was this: Write a short story between 4,000 and 5,000 words using the word "Nemesis" as your inspiration.

There are ten of us participating, so the anthology will be somewhere between 40K and 50K words long. I am editing the majority of the stories and formatting everything for print. One of the writers has a sister who does art work, and she will be contributing the cover.

The editing schedule carries me into early July. So I'm hoping we can have the book up for sale in August some time. I will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, here are the short story titles that will be included:
  • Polarity by Holly Gonzalez
  • Superhero Comic Girl vs. the Litter Box by Steven R. Brandt
  • Last Walk by Jinn Tiole
  • Stagnant by Dave Cardwell
  • Three Shades of Black by Matthew Thrush
  • Disciple by Kristin Jacques
  • Outwitting Alexa by Jesse Sprague
  • Mordecai by Hannah Ansley
  • Guardian by Louis Williams
  • Star Log by K. J. Gillenwater
 I'm in the middle of editing the first two...and I love that they are so opposite of each other in style and story. What a fun project! If you like science fiction, keep an eye out for it in the near future. It is amazing to me what a group of writers can do with just a one word inspiration.


  1. That sounds like so fun! I love how you came up with the idea and ran with it.

  2. Thanks, Susan! It is a blast. I had one author who enjoyed it so much, she wants us to do another one. :-D