Monday, December 21, 2015

Five Ways Wattpad Changed My Life in 2015

I joined Wattpad just a little over a year ago. I thought it would be fun to post a retrospective about my experience over the last year in countdown form.

The Five Ways Wattpad Changed My Life in 2015:

1) After several years of not writing, I wrote 6 short stories in 2015. Five of them were inspired by Wattpad contests:

Time Travel
A Very Good Dog

2) A book that had lingered unfinished and unloved on my computer since 2010 found new life on Wattpad. Inspired by the response of readers,  I added eleven new chapters to an original story that only had a prologue and 4 beginning chapters. I am now 1/3 of the way through the plot!

First Cut is the Deepest

3) I serialized the posting of a completed romance novel that had laid dormant on my computer for almost 10 years. I entered it in Kensington Books Write Affair Contest and was an Editor's Pick! Eventually, I was inspired to edit that book and put it up for sale in e-book and paper back.

Acapulco Nights

4) I met an incredible group of writers and readers on Wattpad, who have inspired me to write more. Funny how having people to connect with about writing will motivate you more than anything else! My most favorite writer friend from Wattpad:


5) I had the opportunity for one of my short stories to be read by Margaret Atwood. Where else do you get that kind of connection? (see Lucinda from item number 1 to read my entry)

The "Heart Goes Last Fic" Contest

Overall, Wattpad has been very motivating for me. A positive place to post my writing, get feedback, meet fellow writers and just plain be inspired. Here's to hoping 2016 will provide me with the same amazing writing opportunities!

Have you visited Wattpad? Do you have any favorite authors on Wattpad? If you are a writer or reader on Wattpad, please post a link to your profile page in the comments, so I can connect with you!

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