Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wattpad News in 2015

Hello there! Wanted to give the 2015 update on what I've been doing with my Wattpad account over the last couple of months. Currently, I have two projects in progress that have been uploaded to Wattpad as free, readable content to anyone who has the Wattpad app:

Acapulco Nights - Romance/Chicklit

First Cut is the Deepest - Science Fiction/Romance

Acapulco Nights is almost a complete novel. Currently, I have 21 chapters uploaded with only a few more to go. Eventually, I am going to put this into a publishable format for sale on Kindle. If you want to read it for free, now is your chance!

First Cut is the Deepest has about nine chapters posted right now. This is definitely a work-in-progress that gives you an idea of what a 'rough draft' is all about. I'm just trying to write consistently and post chapters (at least once a month, if not more) when I can. Not worrying too much about perfection!

Please check it out!

I also have a couple of super short stories you can read on Wattpad as well.

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