Friday, December 12, 2014

Wattpad Updated - December 11, 2014

I haven't posted an update about my writing on Wattpad recently, so I thought I'd give you a December progress report. Currently, I have 5 things available to read on Wattpad:

1) Acapulco Nights. This is a romance/chicklit type of book about a woman seeking a divorce from a long-lost Mexican husband. I have posted 14 chapters of this one. So you have plenty to sink your teeth into. This book is completely finished, and I am posting 1 chapter a week until the end. I've got about 10 more chapters to post.

2) First Cut is the Deepest. This is a science fiction book that I've been wanting to write for years. It was the reason I decided to try out Wattpad, so that I would have motivation to finish writing it. I just posted Chapter Six. This is a book about Charlie Cutter who is a Navy linguist assigned to the NCIS-A - a division that investigates aliens.

3) Blood Moon. This is my paranormal YA book about werewolves invading a high school and the teenage girl who takes them down. It has 1000 SAT words and their definitions as a vocabulary-builder for your college-bound high schooler. But it also is just a fun read! I posted the first 3 chapters...and that's all I will be posting. The book is available to purchase at the Amazon Kindle store.

4) Interruption. This is a very short story I wrote in response to a Sci-Fi Friday challenge on Wattpad. We had to take an intro sentence and then write the rest of the story, using exactly 100 words. If you are looking for something quick, check it out!

5) Torch. This is another short story I wrote in response to a Sci-Fi Friday challenge. This one asked that you write a short story (of no more than 800 words, I believe) with the theme of "Escape." Also a quick read.

I've really been enjoying the Wattpad experience. I do feel like this is the future for writing, in some way. Prove your concept has an audience. Perfect your writing. Publish.

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