Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Wattpad Updates!

Hello, there. Here to report again on some story updates to my Wattpad account. I am very much enjoying this new way to interact with readers (and writers).

I posted some new chapters to two stories today, if you are interested:

First Cut is the Deepest - Chapter 3

Acapulco Nights - Chapter 10

The first is a science fiction/romance/thriller and the second is chicklit/romance.

Although I'm still figuring things out, I've found a group on there that posts Science Fiction writing challenges. I participated in one of the challenges last week that asked you to write a short (between 600 and 800 words) story based around the theme 'Escape.'

I really love writing prompts and short stories are so incredibly easy to write because there is no pressure to prop up a huge plot. My entry was entitled "Torch" and is available through the link below:

Check out my short story "Torch."

It's short & sweet.

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